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Jack London Square Kreative Collective

Jack London Square Kreative Collective

Benefit from a private, beautiful, co-working space in the

heart of Jack London Square

I am seeking a female entrepreneur or freelancer to join our creative collective. With rent skyrocketing in the Bay Area and coffee shops becoming increasingly crowded and inefficient, I’ve decided to turn a long-time vision into a reality. 

About the space: 

I’ve been growing my business out of this Jack London Square studio space for 6 years now and it has a special place in my heart. The exposed brick walls, warehouse ceilings, and industrial surroundings have an unexplainable way of igniting inspiration and productivity. 

There are two desks on opposing walls so your back is to the other person while working (to avoid distraction). There is a large cozy couch for laptop work, journaling, drawing, phone meetings and most importantly, naps. Our space offers the essentials for productivity including high-speed Apple Wifi and a small kitchenette with a mini-fridge, microwave, toaster oven, tea kettle, and empty cabinets for snacks (we all know going out to lunch can turn into an afternoon of procrastination). Outside of the studio, there is a second couch if you need to hop on a private phone call and another gal is working that day. 

The space boasts a mid-century modern feel with tons of plants, neutral tones, and minimalist decor. Currently, there are only two of us (both photographers) that share the space and we are excited to bring on a third. For the sake of privacy and productivity, I plan on keeping it this way! The space is not conducive to fine artists that need an additional setup (i.e. painters, florists, etc.). It is ideal for graphics professionals, photographers, coaches, telecommuters, designers and the list goes on! 

$350/month for a private, beautiful space with your own personal desk and outlets includes: 

  1. 24-hour access 7 days a week except Tuesday’s

  2. Privacy! There will never be more than 2 women working at one time here. And, based on our track record I can assure you more alone time at different times of the year!

  3. High-speed wifi 

  4. Two personal days a month is included in your monthly rent (i.e do you want to schedule in-person client meetings? Host a group or small workshop? Have some alone time? We will have a shared studio calendar. These are your days for guaranteed alone time!)

  5. 2 medium-sized storage shelves in mid-century desk for personal items

  6. A shelf in the kitchen for personal food items 


Shared Responsibilities: 

  1. Watering plants as needed

  2. Taking out trash & recycling as needed 

  3. Leaving the space clean and making sure personal items are put away

Other Perks: 

  1. Walking distance to the Ferry

  2. Looking to workout midday? The Jack London waterfront is minutes away with a gorgeous running trail.

If interested, please fill out the form below to apply!

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Kathryn Rummel